AI Powered Document Storage and Search

A Smarter Way to Find Needles in Haystacks

Say hello to smart document storage, where all your important information is available at your fingertips.  Our innovative platform uses Artificial Intelligence to find any content buried in thousands of documents.  Retrieval and Generative AI features allow you to chat, explore, and create new content based on your own domain specific documents.

Intelligent Document Management

Discover the power of Essentia AI, the smart and effortless solution
for storing, retrieving and interacting with your documents

Secure Storage

Secure and private document storage with data encryption, access controls and access logs ensure regulatory compliance.

Scalable OCR

Scalable OCR can process up to 100,000 pages per hour. Supports multiple languages (English, Japanese, Chinese + More).


Artificial intelligence actively learns the types of document in your repository and can train to identify like documents and automatically categorize them.

Full-Text Search

Full -text search with document tagging, lets you search for files, specific content within documents, and file metadata.


Retrieval Augmented Generation enables AI chatbots to generate more contextually relevant and coherent responses to user queries.

Cost Effective

Free accounts are available for users who only need to archive 10,000 or fewer documents while paid subscriptions are a fraction of the cost of other similar services.

Empower your journey

Unleash The Potential in Your Documents

Retrieval and Generative AI Models

Beyond just search, Essentia AI’s RAG enabled chatbot allows users to query their own documents for more detailed and contextually appropriate responses. In cases of ambiguity, it can retrieve multiple relevant sources, and present different options or suggestions to the user, allowing them to choose the most appropriate one.

Intelligent Search
Powerful OCR and machine learning capabilities automatically organizes documents into groups like invoices, receipts, contracts, etc., and enables full-text search of your documents allowing you to pull up specific content based on key words, phrases and meta data. Preview without having to download or open files combined with flexibility to download specific pages from documents.
Secure Storage
Secure cloud based storage of all your important business documents with AES-256 and TLS 1.2 encryption. Admin controls let you manage who can access, view, or download documents. Activity logs enable easy auditing of projects, users, and documents. Important documents can be authenticated and certified to ensure that original documents are authentic.
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Real Stories from Satisfied Customers

What Our Clients Say

Shalonte Paralegal

"This kind of helps in the process of finding a needle in the haystack, so to speak. It takes out a lot of the guessing games, having to open up 10 million documents."

Sierra Sierra

"Everything has strived to be something like this but I don't think anything has ever executed it to this level."

Olga Certified Public Accountant

"It is incredibly easy to navigate, very user friendly. I think anyone at any level in my accounting firm would be able to use this. Even the lawyers."

Pam Office Manager

"We had to prove that we sent a document via Fedex from 2001 and all I had to do was input the name of the recipient and found it in seconds."

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