Research and information sharing for medical professionals

Essentia AI can be a useful tool for research and information sharing by medical professionals and patients.  It enables you to curate and store any number of published papers and articles about important medical research.  You, your colleagues or patients can interact with the information by asking questions without having to read each article page by page. […]

Building Domain Specific AI Assistants

Domain Specificity and Artificial Intelligence   Domain specificity in relation to artificial intelligence refers to systems designed and trained to excel within a particular domain or field of knowledge. For example, there could be domain-specific AI applications in healthcare, finance, agriculture, automotive industry, customer service, and many other fields. However, to make domain-specific AI applications […]

Enhance the usability of your website by incorporating AI technology

In the previous post, we demonstrated how you can use Essentia AI to take existing web content to create new content for a blog post.  In this post, we’d like to show how you can also enhance the usability of your site by adding a chat script that adds an AI assistant to your webpage from which […]

Using Essentia AI to create relevant content for your website or business

The following is an AI generated blog post that was created using Essentia AI. Although using AI to create content is not unique anymore, what is unique is the process that we used to combine a variety of different existing web content from our website along with a seed document to generate a wholly new post.  […]

How can RAG help small businesses?

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) is a technique that combines elements of both retrieval-based and generative AI models to generate more contextually relevant and coherent responses. This approach can be valuable for small businesses in various scenarios. Here’s an example of how retrieval-augmented generation could be used:   Scenario A small e-commerce business is using an AI-powered […]

Semantic Search and Generative AI. The quest for a more complete and perfect search union.

Semantic search can be combined with generative AI to create even more powerful and intelligent search systems. Generative AI, such as language models like GPT-3, is capable of generating human-like text based on the input it receives. By integrating generative AI with semantic search, we can enhance the search capabilities and provide more natural and […]

With AI, size does matter…token size that is!

The token limit in ChatGPT refers to the maximum number of tokens that can be processed in a single interaction or conversation with the model. Tokens are chunks of text that can be as short as a single character or as long as a word, depending on the language and encoding used. In language models […]

Why Invest in Data Security?

Cybercrime can have a significant impact on small businesses, often leading to severe consequences. According to some studies, nearly 43% of cyber attacks affect small businesses, at an average cost of $25,000 for each incidence. To make matters worse, only 14% of SMBs stated they are prepared for such attacks. Now, what is your stand […]

Connecting the issues outlined in the JCT report with Trump’s tax returns

In a previous post, we uploaded the 2015-2020 tax returns of former US President, Donald J. Trump released by the House Ways and Means Committee back in December 2022, and published the searchable archive to a public project in Essentia AI.  As a follow-up to that post, we’ve spent some time reviewing the original report […]